Leon Burkholder / Founder
Leon is a devoted family man married for over 25 years to his wife Robin and the proud father of 5 children. Additionally, for most of his adult life Leon has been a business man with a ministry quietly reaching out to those who were often over looked by others. Leon’s family is a high priority in his life this value extends even to his business. Leon owns a successful construction company and currently all his children are part of the family business. http://www.donaaconstruction.com.

Leon has faced many ups and downs in life; however he still sees life as being simple. He will share about the simple things he has done over the years to make a big difference in the lives of his children and others. Leon truly believes that life is really simple. The principles in which Leon and his family live by include:
• Giving your life up to find life.
• Losing your life to gain life.
• Recognizing and acknowledging that your life is not about you.
• Accepting the assignment God has given you.
• Seeking out and filling the needs of others.
• Volunteering to serve others and our community.
• Celebrating the life of Jesus Christ.
• Celebrating the promise of a life serving God.

Leon and His family want to hear from you. It’s Simple Friend, share your story. Every life makes an impact and every story can make a difference for someone else. Please share your powerful story of life by using the contact us button or signing in creating your own blog.